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To future self

柔情公子 2019-08-26 22:20:30 [ 英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
Future self : I know you are very tired now, but you must believe that ther... 查看全文

Always Be Careful

涵熙 2019-08-26 22:29:19 [ 英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
In today's society, the issue of security is becoming more and more importa... 查看全文

Some Types of Music

涵熙 2019-08-26 20:18:11 [ 英语作文 初二英语作文 初二作文 ]
Classicalmusicissuchaseriousmusicthatpeopleusuallyenjoyitinconcertsortheatr... 查看全文

How to learn English well

棉花叶 2019-08-26 20:54:31 [ 英语作文 初三英语作文 初三作文 ]
Englishiswidely-usedintheworld.Especiallyinourcountry,Englishisusedasaveryi... 查看全文

My views on advertising

森林漫步 2019-08-26 21:11:02 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
Advertising plays an important role in our daily life at present. Advertisi... 查看全文

My worry of Middleschool

清隐 2019-08-26 22:19:38 [ 英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
  Recently,l am fairly annoyed.Middle high school is kind of far ... 查看全文

The Ways to Study

玖久九酒啾 2019-08-26 18:58:30 [ 英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
Dear Mary: I know you have some problems in English.So there are three Ways... 查看全文

My mother

来思 2019-08-26 21:27:46 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
My mother is full of simplicity and kindness,which is not so different from... 查看全文

My new friend

来思 2019-08-26 21:52:39 [ 英语作文 初中生作文 初中英语作文 ]
After entering my university,I have made so many friends.But the one I like... 查看全文

My Dream

日月白水 2019-08-26 21:50:21 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
My name is Guo Mingquan,I'm a bad student.I don't like study ,and I often p... 查看全文

The English Association

蒹葭 2019-08-26 21:44:33 [ 英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
as a girl who loves language , there is no doubt that i will suggest you to... 查看全文

A letter to Paul

柠檬。 2019-08-26 22:23:24 [ 英语作文 高三英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
Dear Paul  I'm a senior student in China, my name is Li Hua. I've hear... 查看全文

An application letter to the club

桂诗 2019-08-26 18:14:19 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高一作文 ]
DearRobert, MynameisLiHua.I'maseniorataschoolinDongguan.I'vestudiedEnglishf... 查看全文

Save Water

fxjgy 2019-08-26 17:34:04 [ 英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
Water is one kind of the most importanttings on earth. We use water to do m... 查看全文

The sun after the rain

Deeplove 2019-08-26 22:20:20 [ 英语作文 五年级英语作文 小学英语作文 ]
It was raining cats and dogs for a day, and now it was finally put away.The... 查看全文

Dear Ann,

喜欢 2019-08-26 22:15:35 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
How  are you  these days?We  have a long time no  see,s... 查看全文

A little idea

洛小曦 2019-08-26 22:14:30 [ 英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
 This is when I was six years old dream. That is just my mother and I ... 查看全文

The advantage and disadvantage of intern

Alisa 2019-08-26 00:16:30 [ 英语作文 高三英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
In  modern  life,the computer is frequently used.Consequently ,mo... 查看全文

I have a dream

未然 2019-08-26 22:18:42 [ 英语作文 初二英语作文 初二作文 ]
Ihavedifferentdreamsindifferentperiods.MaybemydreamsareveryusualbutIthinkth... 查看全文

Good loser doesn‘t die

diam旦溪 2019-08-26 22:37:48 [ 英语作文 高三英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
Plum, did not experience the snow of wintr, eafter all cannot give pleasant... 查看全文

Cultural differences

机智人 2019-08-26 14:34:27 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
Cultural differences do exist in every corner of the world where the same b... 查看全文

To the future Mrs. Deer

安君子 2019-08-26 15:55:14 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
I really envy you, you get Lu Han love. Let me talk to you about Lu Han! He... 查看全文

share the bike

2019-08-26 10:24:24 [ 英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
Dear Jim, I’m writing to tell you more about the new form ofsharing bike mo... 查看全文

how to adapt to high school

未来的自己 2019-08-26 10:53:23 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高中英语作文 ]
Dear Jenny,  I am really sorry to hear that you feel bad after enterin... 查看全文

When I‘m old

找钥匙 2019-08-26 20:27:51 [ 英语作文 高一英语作文 高一作文 ]
WhenI'mold,myhairiswhite, Iwillcutthehairshorter, Donotcareitsuddenlyinfron... 查看全文

Protect Environment

小纪同学 2019-08-26 19:42:35 [ 英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
As  our  hometowns  pollution  problem  became &nb... 查看全文


落败的唯美 2019-08-26 13:20:22 [ 英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
The spring rain is soft, see the spring rain on the branches of bamboo and ... 查看全文


落败的唯美 2019-08-26 10:28:24 [ 英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
Many students feel that learning is painful, but in fact, if you can have g... 查看全文

A sunny day

馨雨 2019-08-26 20:12:58 [ 英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语作文 ]
A sunny dayShaoxing suddenly After rain the sky looks blue., came to the bi... 查看全文

To campaign for the speech of the class

幻舞樱恋 2019-08-26 20:12:01 [ 英语作文 五年级英语作文 小学英语作文 ]
Dear teachers, dear students,  Everybody is good! Another term, anothe... 查看全文

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